A global approach to live the life you want!

Have you ever woken up already stressed out from the day yet to come? Are you stuck with less than optimal habits, job, or style? Have you ever felt consistently off, body heavy and brain foggy? Or perhaps, you know you can achieve more and do better with a little push.

The lifestyle strategist holistic approach is made for YOU. It will help you maximize your potential and live a life that makes sense to YOU.

  • Time To Invest:
  • Who is it for? Anyone who is motivated to make a change
  • How much $$? Starts at 65$/session. Packages and gift cards available!
  • What's in it for me? Individual coaching sessions bringing life coaching, workout, nutrition, yoga and style together to provide you with the most comprehensive approach to a new life!

During the initial consultation, we will visit your goals, sort out your priorities and identify the blockers and enablers in your environment. We will suggest the approach that will suit your goals best and, as YOU are in charge, you can agree to the suggestion, counteroffer or simply leave us forever :)
We will end up the session with some exercises to take home and at least one mini goal to achieve for the next session.

Depending on your goals, the whole journey can take anywhere from a week to half a year or more. What is important is that you feel comfortable with the approach. What you can expect from us is a huge deal of cheering and motivation, a smart approach to achieving your goal(s) and understand your particular situation and personality and fully integrate them in the approach.

It's time to make that journey! And we can't wait to be your travel companion!