The vision

Empower . Simplify . Balance

Lifestyle strategist values to empower


The Cortado Way empowers you to get the ball rolling, take control when you want to, let go when you have to, and accepting the downs as much as enjoying the ups.

Lifestyle strategist values to simplify


It is about getting rid of the fluffiness, blockages, and inner noise to gain clarity, grounding, and enjoy life's small pleasures.

lifestyle strategist values to balance


Through a holistic approach to life and a personalize set of coaching services, we will help you build on your roots to maximize your potential, find your inner tempo, and achieve your goals.

The Services

Join the family!

Empower . Simplify . Balance

Postive vibes, family and friendship

Positive Vibes Only

Our team is composed of only amazing souls, highly positive, empathetic, and caring!

custom made services, create your own package

Custom Made

You can pick and choose the services that interest you most and create your personal package! You choose to commit or not!

trust first. Team. support

Trust first

We are a team! We are here to support you and help you achieve your goals. Trust our amazing professionals to build long lasting connections!

strong community to help you achieve your goals

Strong community

Be part of a very united community! Encouragements and cheering guaranteed!