Fit & Fabulous!

Is your wedding approaching and you want to increase the wow effect? Is your doctor recommending moving more and/or working with a personal trainer? Did you give birth recently and need some help shedding off those stubborn pounds (I've been there!)? Do you have a competition coming and want to improve your performances? Do you want to be the best possible version of yourself? We have what you need!

You got the motivation but no time at all? Did you know that you can achieve more for less? We have 15min virtual sessions! And if you can spare 5min per day we can work with that too :)

  • Time To Invest:
  • Who is it for? Adults who want to improve their health, feel good and/or get fit!
  • How much $? 50$/session for individual sessions. 25$/session for group of 2-4. 25$/mini session for individual condensed 15min sessions. 15$/session for groups of 4 and more. At least 20% off when purchasing a package and/or a gift card.
  • What's in it for me? 20% off other services, great team spirit, referral bonus, a motivation WhatsApp group and some bonus cooking recipes!

During the initial consultation session, we will visit your goals, sort out your priorities and identify the blockers and enablers in your environment. We will suggest the approach that will suit your goals best and, as YOU are in charge, you can agree to the suggestion, counteroffer or simply leave us forever :)
We will end up the session with some exercises to take home and at least one mini goal.

Depending on your goals, the whole journey can take anywhere from three months to six months or more (when consequent weight loss is involved). What you can expect from us is a huge deal of cheering and motivation, a smart approach to achieving your goal(s) and results!

It's time to make that journey! And we can't wait to be your travel companion!